• My name is Humphrey Hardeveld (right) and I own Big Twin Aruba, a Harley Davidson motorcycle tour operation here in Aruba. My tour guide, Dave Everson (in the center with his wife Heather on his left and my daughter Sarah on his right), hails from Aruba, although he has spent 29 years living in Rotterdam, Holland.

    Dave recently returned to his native land, where his appreciation for Aruba and its people is best exemplified through his tours. His enthusiasm and love of Aruba are definitely contagious. Dave is an experienced tour guide with tremendous knowledge of the roads. He is aware of hidden facts and little known stories that can only be heard during Big Twin Aruba Harley-Davidson Tours.

    Dave is also an experienced rider who has raced cars and motorcycles professionally throughout Europe. He has been executing private tours in Aruba for the past 2 years, and offers Big Twin Aruba customers a unique, exciting and unforgettable tour of the island.


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    There is nothing like the open road of Aruba.
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    Charley's is the best place to rest, drink and eat during your tour.